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This is a notoriously poor investment. The destruction from the north is again promised. God has set His face against the city for harm Yahweh will bring terrible destruction upon Jerusalem.

Furthermore God is near, not far off. Verses are the first letter to which Shemaiah responds in Jeremiah, speaking for the people, confesses his sin and cries out for forgiveness and care on the part of God.

Yet, in spite of all the apparent hopelessness, God promises the restoration of Judah and the fortunes of Israel. Yahweh says that Judah is breaking commandments 8, 6, 7, 9, and above all number 1 and still has the audacity to come to the temple and claim that Yahweh has delivered her.

This chapter is a collage of material derived from more than one letter and from responses to the letters. He calls on all the witnesses of foreign countries to find if anyone has ever left their gods as Judah as left her God. Jeremiah then identifies with the people and weeps over their calamity.

It forms an appendix, much as do the oracles against the nations All the prophecies of Jeremiah about the fall of the city are fulfilled.

At the same time there is a promise that God will gather His flock and bring them back to pasture their land and will raise up over them good shepherds He concludes by singing to the Lord of His deliverance Hanamel asks him to buy his property in the hometown village of Anathoth.

It probably means that Jeremiah was tortured A confession is written for Judah to say: It would appear that early in the reign of Zedekiah international intrigue was carried out against Babylon.

Jeremiah gives several messages of hope for the future of Israel The Book of Comfort To Judah and Jerusalem He also appeals for repentance.

The following section like He begins by saying that God has deceived him in leading him into the ministry of prophecy. Hananiah then broke the wooden yoke Jeremiah was wearing and reiterated his prophecy of the defeat of Nebuchadnezzar within two full years The valley of Hinnom was infamous as a place where people including King Ahaz forced their children into a fire to offer them to the god Moloch 2 Kings He again made a foray into the north, tearing down the altar built at Bethel by Jeroboam.

He and the queen mother will be hurled to another country where they will die. His judgment for doing so is death. Because of their sin Yahweh is going to refine them and assay them as metal cf. Jeremiah may have made that trip or he may have gone to a stream called Wadi Farah, or he may have had a vision.

The houses will be defiled like Topheth. Chapters 21b introduce a new element: Then a doleful prediction is made that Shallum will never return to his home.

The argument of the book progresses from the call of Jeremiah in chapter 1 to the removal to Egypt after his message had again been rejected in chapter Jeremiah is called to the prophetic ministry and given a message to preach to Israel 1: Now they seem to be going to Egypt for help against Babylon 2: They were not to listen to their religious leaders because they would cause them to go into captivity Unless Jeremiah is speaking prophetically, or giving a dramatic presentation of what will happen in the future, there is captivity going on at this time.

A great Passover was held, but except for a passing comment 2 Chron. These prophets are again apparently prophesying an early return of the captives, because Jeremiah says that those remaining behind will suffer more than those who went into captivity Ultimately, Judah will be restored both in and in the Eschaton.

This chapter is a series of miscellaneous messages delivered probably over a period of time The name was still in use in the fifth century BC in Egypt, as the Aramaic papyri from the Jewish colony at Elephantine testify.REPOST: I'm livening up my notes with the help of Apsi via her @revisionguide feed She shares amazing mini tutorials (current focus: #banners) and they are so helpful.

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The alphabet is not used, but there are twenty‑two lines. Verses 19‑20, the greatest confession of the book, may be a mini‑acrostic. Aleph to Kaph (first half of alphabet) and Lamedh to Tau (second half of the alphabet).

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Ammi el pretty handwriting alphabet
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